Update License Page

This page can be used to check the status of and to purchase software updates for the DeepSpar Disk Imager 4 (DDI4) using a VISA or MasterCard. The price is $350.00 USD per year per DDI4.

Please begin by inputting your Host ID and Password. If you've arrived at this page using a link from your software update license expiry notification email then these fields will be pre-populated for you. Alternatively, this information can be found in your setup.ini license file after opening it with Notepad. If you can not find this information then please email license@deepspar.com for help.

After pressing the check button, the "Serial Numbers" field will be populated with the serial number of every DDI4 owned by your organization and a table with their current status will be generated below.

Host ID:
Host Password:
Serial Numbers
(e.g. DS401000,DS401001,...):